Digital Product
Design - UX/UI

Passionate about the development of digital projects and UX / UI design, CEO of Edentiav company with adaptive learning methodology with microlearning and omnichannel.

Game 3D

Your Business in 3D

360 ° and VR. RA, RM, expert in WordPress integration with platforms and plugins for business strengthening and StartUp, backed by agile methodologies, Design Thinking, leanStartUp. 

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Content 3D

Developer in Html5 - WebGL - Three.js - Babylon.js the best site Web in 3D

Interactive Web

Clients now want those types of designs on their websites and they will ask you for them.

Web AR - VR - MR

As founder of edentia in 2014 with desire to create websites, but in a completely different, unique and brand new way

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