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Digital Twins

«Digital Twins of the Forest» DTF
Secure, transparent and efficient platform to tokenize (Forests and crops) in digital assets and display them through:
• Augmented reality for sustainable forest management
• Carbon Credit Management
• Biodiversity bond management
• Traceability in the management of timber assets and Bio-Organic waste


Line of products for houses and apartments. Urban Crops for young Agtech that mix design, Artificial Intelligence and innovation for an urban farming experience supported by technology.

Urban and peri-urban farms have proliferated around the United States in the past decades. Although considerable attention has been paid to the impact of this emerging farm sector on social indicators, such as fresh food access, youth engagement, community development, and educational attainment, far less attention has been paid in the research literature to the economic and commercial promise of urban-based agriculture.

360 agrotech

Digital tools with AI to create
digital skills in the Agro4.0

Web and virtual assistants with AI for farmers, creating the new generation of young people

Through artificial intelligence, precision agriculture, big data, data analytics, IoT (Internet of Things) sensors and applied robotics, scenarios can be anticipated and predicted. Processes are also optimized, productivity increases, production costs decrease in aspects such as the use of raw materials, water efficiency and agrochemicals.

eVENT 360° vr



Development of an interactive website and mobile for sales, catalog of services, photo and video format and attention via WhatsApp in the different countries in which they provide their services, 250,000 visits from potential buyers, more than 30 projects generated by the interactive website


100% interactive event with more than 70 business stands and 150,000 buyer visits, more than $450,000 million in transactions


Development of a 100% digital event for the SENA employment fair for 1,000,000 users for 5 days, more than 325,000 jobs carried out, 1,200,000 interviews carried out

Products AR - VR

AR - VR - 360°

Fintech UX AR

Design development applying UX techniques for Fintech companies visualization with augmented reality smart glasses

Tickets interactive

Interactive tickets for events with augmented reality QR code

Augmented Reality Bottles

Round bottle labels with image and animation to explain processes in augmented reality

Products AR

Ver el Galaxy
Z Fold5 5G en realidad aumentada


Training - Tour virtual

Enlace a entrenadores madera

Macrorueda 100 Logo 3D

Augmented Reality Marketing

Ar carrera

Ar Pintar

Ar Dance

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