“Mar de Canarias” experimental offshore wind farm

Puertollano green hydrogen plant

Project David Brown Solar Park

Proyect details

Non-compliance or delay in payment of electric energy by the company, industry or entity
Damage to the energy generation infrastructure that is not covered by the policies acquired for the same
Decrease in radiation and therefore, in energy generation over a prolonged period of time
Events of non-compliance, suspension and termination of PPA
Project schedule delay

All risk policy

It would compensate for all sudden, unforeseen and accidental material damage or loss suffered by the equipment belonging to the solar energy generation system or that it causes to third parties during its installation, assembly phase or that is in operation or that has been dismantled. for inspection, cleaning, maintenance, renovation, repair, conditioning or similar purposes.
Energy efficiency policy
It guarantees that the project effectively generates the estimated savings for the company, which was initially projected and based on which the profitability calculations were made. This policy covers 5 years of the project.
Service quality/work stability policy
It ensures the quality of the project for an amount equivalent to 30% of its value, with a validity of no less than its duration and 6 more months.
Civil liability policy
It is held civilly liable to third parties, covering up to 100 million Colombian pesos, for accidental losses and damages caused to people or property, caused as a result of the development of activities in the area of ​​the facility, as well as damage to material, equipment. and the total of the installations and works during the execution, assembly, commissioning and testing phases for the duration of the contract and 6 months.
Transportation policy
It guarantees the transportation of all merchandise from its points of origin to the place of installation during the time of the contract, and also ensures that it covers up to 100% of the value of the merchandise.
Compliance Policy
Ensures the fulfillment of the project for an amount equivalent to 20% of the total value of the project with a validity of the delivery period of the goods or services and 6 more months.
Good advance management policy
It ensures an amount equivalent to 100% of the value of the advances during the duration of the contract.

From income from the sale of energy:

7.7% It will be allocated to a maintenance fund, for when we have to do any repair or maintenance of the solar energy system.
10.0% They will be used for administrative costs.
82.3% of the resources are distributed among the participants in proportion to the amount of their participation. This is where your profitability comes from.
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