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Product Designer AR - VR - MxR

From ideation to expansion, edentiav understands the unique demands of your startup—providing you with optimized design strategies and fast turnarounds for an affordable monthly subscription.

Costs 70% less

We developed highly-optimized design processes to let us work fast and deliver incredible results—and we pass those savings on to you

Adaptable and scalable

High-velocity is crucial to a startup’s success, and that’s why Edentiavdelivers new designs every week so your momentum never falters

Fast turnaround times

Edentiav was built for flexibility—we quickly adapt and grow as you grow

Train with the best

How accessible UX design is changing the businesses for the better

A predictive analytics platform for consumers digital identity verification

How signing up with The Design Project works

Take a minute to imagine how you’d feel watching your user count grow, and retention rates stay consistently high. When you prioritize effective UX, better retention and growth are natural consequences. Backed by countless hours of research and testing, TDP blends UX, UI, and Product design into a deliciously smooth process that fuels productivity and success.

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Sign up for one of our affordable subscription plans—which offer a variety of options to fit your unique needs.

Meet your perfect match

We match you with the best TDP design expert for your needs. Then we schedule a call to learn about your startup.

The first sprint begins (hold on tight)

TDP manages the project, learns the intimate details of what your users want, and delivers impactful design iterations.

Total Body Fitness

Edentiav’s DNA is what sets us apart


We are vocally self-critical, even when doing so is awkward or embarrassing. We benchmark ourselves against the best.

Be Curious & Open-minded

Our passion for UX means we never stop learning, sharpening our skills, and discovering new and innovative strategies

Deliver results

Successful products don’t just look great—they work great. We build solid products and deliver high-quality results quickly

Strive for excellency

We set high standards. Exceed them—and then raise the bar again to see just how high we can take you

Be accountable and driven

“That’s not my job” isn’t in our vocabulary. Your success is our success, so we’re always ready to roll up our sleeves and help

Bias for Action

Quality and efficiency are not mutually exclusive. Experience taught us that rapid iterations yield better long-term ROI

A plethora of perspectives that fuel effective and human-focused UX

You can find TDP fam all over the world! Our multidisciplinary and remote work model lets us bring the best UX talent together over a mutual passion for UX and startups.

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