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According to a growing number of experts, Ethereum is the next big thing in the world of cryptocurrency. Currently, it’s the most prominent AltCoin in the world and the likeliest successor to Bitcoin on the cryptocurrency throne. But that should not be the main draw, because, first and foremost, Ethereum is a revolutionary platform for developers. At its core, it’s a foundation for all sorts of decentralized applications that by no means should be limited to digital monetary systems.

In short, Ethereum is a blockchain network that can be used in pretty much anything. Even if you are not that impressed by cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology is bound to be the future for many industries.

This 90-hour course will help you learn about the basics of:

  • Blockchain ecosystems
  • Ethereum Platform
  • Ethereum-based applications

We, as a society, are standing on the brink of the new world, and those able to recognize the opportunities it brings will be the ones to lead it.

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